Message from Haytham Al-khateeb in Bil'in

"Israeli suffers head injury, four activists detained and dozens Israeli suffers head injury, four activists detained and dozens suffer from teargas inhalation. The weekly march, organized by the Popular Committee against the Wall, started as usual after the Friday prayers.

Joining the Palestinian activists were approximately ... a hundred international and Israeli activists. The demonstration called for the release of prisoners, Adeeb Abdullah Abu Rahme, Ibrahim al-Bornat, and 17 year old Ahmed al-Bornat. Former European Parliament Vice President Luisa Morgantini led a delegation of 50 activists from across the European Union,. They marched their way through the streets of Bil’in as it was filled with the echoes of chants, calling for the release of prisoners, and participants carrying the posters of those detained. When the participants reached the wall they were met with a large force, compromising of approximately 40 Israeli military forces. A warning was attempted to be sent out to Luisa Morgantini regarding the intentions of the Israeli military forces to shower the area with teargas, but it was already too late. The area was blanketed with multiple types of teargas and one such canister lead to an Israeli activist suffering a head injury. In addition to this injury there were multiple injuries from teargas suffocation and the detention of British activist Jody McIntyre, Luisa Morgantini, Rani Bornat, and Israeli activist Coby. Jody McIntyre and Rani Bornat were released after the activists participating in the march pressed for their release. The Israeli military forces then chased the activists in attempts to arrest them and this resulted in clashes which lasted for hours. This eventually led to the release of Louisa Morgantini. Israeli activist, Coby, is still detained by the Israeli military and his current whereabouts are unknown. Upon her release, Luisa Morgantini, called for an end to the occupation and to let the Palestinian people live in peace, in an independent state, besides the Israelis. She also called
for the end to arrest campaign against the Palestinians and to the release of Palestinian prisoners. She called for the world, especially the European Union, America and Russia to pressure Israel to stop the displacement of the Palestinian people and to grant them an independent state in order for them to enjoy peace and security. She denounced the genocidal policy of home demolitions, evictions of families in Jerusalem and elsewhere in Palestine"

More AND more internationals AND Israeli's getting involved...that is the best thing I've heard!



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