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Shadi Aswad is originally from Edlib region, but he is currently living with his parents in Damascus
Shadi`s horoscope is Leo and born in 8/8/
He was studying Accounting & commerce in Aleppo University, beside his study for music to develop his talent which started since childhood
Shady's father held a party upon shady succeeded in primary school to discover that shady has a great voice and love to sing
Shady didnt sing until he was 18 when he enrolled in Syrian Song Festival with his own song (Galbteni)
He got the admiration and encouragment from all as he was the youngest contestant between all
He took a part in Superstar and got the admiration and encourgement from both the judges and fans and got a huge success
Shady's hobbies are different, but the most important hobby is singing and playing music(he playes 3ood) .... beside other hobbies body building, sports especially jogging, driving cars and raising animals especially dogs and cats....He is fond of cars & clothes
He is so sensitive, ambitious and so stubborn ....He loves the sea and his personality so much close to it......He always smiles although he has sadnees in his eyes which is related to his extremley romantic feelings..........

Ba3dik Za3lany
Mafy Kowah
Matkoun Majnon
Men Sahrak
Kony 2akeda
Ta3abt Elkalam
Ya Habibet 2alby
Ya Khaye


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